President’s Message

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President’s Message – May 2018

President’s Message – May 2018

To all COCOA OC members,

Welcome to Spring and the latest news from the Cobra Club…

Since our last meeting, many members enjoyed the 25th Tom Butke Wine Tour to Paso Robles over the April 20-22 weekend. Ably led by Paul Westberg, the participants were treated to another wonderful cruise to one of the premier wine producing areas of the world. A great time to renew friendships and taste a bit of the grapes all the while surrounded by the gorgeous scenery that is California’s Central Coast in the springtime.

If you could not make it this time, give it serious thought for next year.

Now, coming up quickly is Lynn Park’s Cobra Open Track weekend at Willow Springs Raceway on May 12-13. And, YES, that is Mother’s Day weekend, so get your gifts, excuses and cars ready, and we will see you there. You can download and print an entry form from the COCOA OC website.

Rest assured, we are working on a couple of cruises and other activities to ensure your idle time this summer doesn’t go to waste!

Remember the monthly meeting at the Rib Trader this Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM.
Hank Jesch
COCOA OC President