Wheels and Warriors Cruise to Camp Pendleton

Event Details

Westfield MainPlace Mall
2800 N Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Saturday, April 4, 2020
08:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Contact Person

Hank Jesch

COCOA OC Members,
This will be a one day cruise and BBQ event at Camp Pendleton for the Cobra Club.
  • We will meet at Main Place, Santa Ana – time to be determined – and caravan as a group to meet the other clubs at the hotel gathering place as noted in the email from the Viper Club (see below) to all proceed to the base as a group.  DO NOT BE LATE!  I will give us plenty of time to arrive before the scheduled rendezvous.
  • The cost of this event is $125 per as noted in the email, plus an optional $ 25 for food to the Marines if you don’t bring something to BBQ and share with others.  Because this is a fund raiser as noted, donations of your choosing are welcome.
  • Please respond with your RSVP’s ASAP as there is a limit of 50 cars and the Ferrari Club has taken 21 so far.  Vipers?
  • Let’s show the Marines some Cobra Spirit!
Please RSVP by March 1st to reserve your entry.  We need to give the Marines time to process your ID info prior to the event.  Please remit your RSVP’s to:
Hank Jesch

-An EOD Warrior Foundation Charity Event-Date:  April 4, 2020

We are proud to announce that the Viper Club of Southern California, The Ferrari Club of America and the Cobra Owners Club of America-Orange County will join together to present the third bi-annual Wheels and Warriors event celebrating the EOD Warriors at Camp Pendleton. We have a unique opportunity to show our support to the incredibly brave men and women of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company. Following the success of our first two efforts, the Company Commander of “EOD” at Camp Pendleton has invited the COBRAS to join the Ferraris and Vipers behind the gates of the EOD compound to learn about what they do and see some of the amazing equipment involved with their dangerous mission. We will tour their museum and facilities so we can get up close and learn how these brave warriors locate, identify and disarm all types of ordnance from IEDs and chemical weapons to nuclear devices. We will learn what it takes to qualify and train to become an EOD tech and the physical and mental skills necessary to kneel down before an explosive device that can literally rock their world.The Mission

To express our appreciation for this opportunity, our mission is to bring our very special vehicles down to display them for the Marines, Sailors and their family members who are “car guys” to the core.

To show our respect,  SoCal Vipers, FCA and COCOA will make a donation to the Wounded Warrior – EOD Fund.   This is a very specific fund that directly benefits the soldiers and immediate family members of the EOD who have made the sacrifices and paid the price for us to be able to enjoy the freedom necessary to live in the US and drive Vipers. When the unfortunate does happen, the Wounded Warrior -EOD fund steps up to help the families in every way possible.   We felt that this would be a GREAT way for us to say THANK YOU and to give something back.

The Event

As we did last year, the FCA members will have a dinner in Oceanside the evening before the event and will stay over on base at their Hotel. Viper and COBRA owners are invited to both dinner and to stay on base but we need to know who’s interested so we can make the proper reservations. On April 4th we will drive our cars in a caravan from a meeting point off base and will then meet up with those staying on base at the hotel. We then drive to the EOD compound where we will park our cars INSIDE for a display for the EOD team and their families. We are invited to bring our families including kids but only COBRAS, Ferraris, Vipers and other invited cars will park in the display area. There will be parking available for the other vehicles.

The EOD team will have BBQ grills and facilities for a picnic Marine style. (ok…leave the beer at home) We ask that each attendee bring something to BBQ or eat so we can treat the Warriors to a meal supercar style.

The Logistics

We will meet at 9:30 a.m. at the Jolly Roger parking lot at 1900 N. Harbor Dr, Oceanside CA 92054. We will leave there at precisely 9:45 a.m. Please do not be late as we WILL leave without you. We then drive to the base gate where we show our driver’s license to access the base. You must also have a valid registration and proof of insurance. If you do not have these documents, you WILL NOT be admitted.  This is an active military installation and these guys don’t tolerate excuses and make no exceptions. Also be prepared to not be admitted if there is an event that requires the base to lock down. Your vehicles may be searched so if you have anything you don’t want the MPs or their dogs to find, leave it home. NO WEAPONS.

From the gate we will proceed several miles to the EOD compound where we will stage the cars and direct the other vehicles to their parking area.

The Cost

We all know the price those who serve in the military and their families pay. The cost to us for the event will be substantially less. We will be collecting $125.00 per car to attend this event. We will also collet donations to the EOD Warrior Foundation in amounts of your choosing. 100% of the money collected will be donated to the EOD Warrior Foundation fund.

Please note that this event will be limited to the first 50 Vipers, COBRAs and Ferraris who register. We expect a sell-out so we suggest that you register as soon as possible. When you have been accepted to attend, we will ask for information needed to provide to the Marines IN ADVANCE in order for us to gain entry to Camp Pendleton. If you do not provide this information by the deadline and your information is not on the access list we submit to the Marines, be assured you WILL NOT be admitted to the base. There will be no point in asking for an exception as this will be out of our hands. Please make sure we have a current email address for you as all communication for this event will be via email.

At the end of the day, we want to show these brave members of the EOD how much we respect what they do, give them our thanks, and give them a break from the high stress task that they perform. Let’s make this a show they will enjoy and remember.

Angel Calderon
SoCal Viper Club President
(818) 730-7400 Mobile

We meet in the parking lot on the 5 Freeway side of the mall