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      Access to the forum is for paid members only.

      This site is the property of Cobra Owners Club of of America, Orange County (COCOAOC) and is operated as a service to club members. The contents are made up of the opinions and statements of individuals and are not necessarily in line with the opinions of the officers of COCOAOC. As such, these entities can in no way be held responsible for the content contained herein. We don’t want to burden you with a whole lot of rules, however please keep the following in mind so that this place remains civil and enjoyable.

      The moderators and administrators of COCOAOC.ORG have the right to edit/open/close/move/delete any thread or post for any reason and at any time.

      All forum members are expected to abide by the following rules.

      Potential Hazard Zone Topics

      • Politics
      • Religion

      Though we all may enjoy discussing these topics, this is not the place to do so. Announcing car shows at a church and where the proceeds are going is completely fine.

      Hard Rules

      No Obscene and offensive language

      • No Racial slurs
      • No Sexual slurs
      • No Porn
      • No Trolling
      • No Flame Wars
      • No Spam
      • No Bashers
      • No Street Racing – threads that promote this will be deleted
      • No Vendor advertising unless registered with our site
      • No Foreign language posts. This is and English speaking site
      • No Posting of copyrighted or proprietary information without consent
      • No Posts that are damaging to the reputation of COCOAOC
      • No Posts that are damaging to the reputation of an individual
      • No Slandering a business or an individual

      Consider this site as a work friendly site, all threads that violate the spirit of this forum will be deleting. Just keep it clean and on topic.


      We take infractions seriously. An egregious offense may result in the removal of forum privileges.


      No massive banners. Signatures are limited to 100pixels high and 500 pixels wide OR 4 lines of text.


      We want to see your photos of the wonderful COCOAOC car events. Please do not post photos or videos that depict or promote irresponsible driving. They will be deleted. Size your images appropriately. Please ensure that images that are posted are within a reasonably universal maximum of 800×600 pixels (or 600×800 if portrait).

      There are many tools available to allow you to resize an image to this standard.

      Irfranview is a free image manipulator for Windows and can be downloaded at it extremely powerful yet easy to use.
      In the ‘Mac’ world iPhoto does a good job for you.

      For hosting, you have a number of options

      • ‘photobucket’ is extremely easy – just go to and sign up for a free account.
      • flickr is also easy, they limit the size of the images that you can view to a handy 800×600 on the personal accounts too.

      User Names

      Only one user name is allowed


      COCOAOC.ORG is in no way responsible for any transaction that takes place through this site. This includes our Classified Ad section, our general forums, our private message system, email system, as well as the banner ads that appear on the site


      Keep it clean and have fun

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