Removing Water Spots from Metal

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    Andy Laverty
    Andy Laverty

    Hey All:

    I found some water spots that formed on some of my metal parts. It looks like calcified water spots to be exact. Anyway, I found spots on some polished cast aluminum parts and polished stainless parts that I can’t seem to buff out with my Mother’s power ball and metal polish. Any tips from the crew here?

    Thank You!

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    I have had excellent results with “Autosol Metal Polish”. I tried the Mother’s Metal Polish and it failed to remove the spots completely from my aluminum fuel tank and wheels. Used the Autosol with complete success. Great product and it has been around for many years.


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    West marine sells water spot remover for boats. I’ve used it on gelcoat and glass and it emulsifies the hard deposits.

    I think it would work equally well on chrome but confirm that it is ok for metal 1st.

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